Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Zen of Social Media Marketing

The Zen of Social Marketing is a great book for those who are trying to improve their business through soical media forum. Kabani does a great job in creating step by step instructions on how to use different media forums such as Linkn, Twitter, and Facebook. To add to her simplied method of describing how to use each forum she also incoroporated graphs and pictures.

Kabani has an impressive background that allows for her to share her knowledge to the public and to help those who want to use social media as a tool for improving their business. She is president of the Marketing Zen Group, a full service online marketing firm, host of Shama.tv, her own video blog where she provides online marketing advice and interviews. She is also a very well known speaker in the social media circuit. She was named one of BusinessWeeks's 25 under 25 entrpreneurs of 2009.

Overall I would reccomend this book for those who are willing to learn how to use the different media forums to improve the quality of thier business. However, Kabani clearly states that those who are looking to become overnight millionaires will not get much from this book. This book's purpose is to educate the basics of Twitter, Linkdin, and Facebook. In addtion to shed light on the importance of e-marking in todays ever growing technoligical society.


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