Thursday, November 4, 2010

Viral Loop: "from facebook to twitter, how today's smartest businesses grow themselves"

Book: Viral Loop
Author: Adam L. Penenberg
Recommended: Ohhhh Yeah.

This book by Adam L. Penenberg was the most inspiring read I've had in a while. The book catches your attention automatically with it's black/white cover and large yellow letters. But the design of the cover was not what sold me on the the read.

Deciding on what book to read for the book review project was somewhat challenging. I maybe read a handful of books throughout the year, 4 of them were my collegiate textbooks. What inspired me on this track of Viral Marketing is a lecture Professor Gruen gave during the first half of the semester. It wasn't until that lecture that I realized how today's interconnected world (through the internet) is revolutionizing the whole business platform. I figured, "I better knowledge my self before the world leaves me behind."

Long behold, the book Viral Loop popped up in my search results. And what a find! From cover to cover Adam trickles interrelated and organized information into my brain. From case studies to his personal thoughts, Adam begins by addressing how companies and products grow by creating "Viral Loops"

I wont' give too much of the book away, but throughout the chapters you will find: how Hotmail, Facebook, Tupperware, ebay, PayPal, and roughly 5-10 other products, services, and companies have expanded by virtually spending minimal financial amounts on advertising.

More to come!

Meanwhile, please enjoy my Xtranormal YouTube video I created.


  1. I loved your video, it was unique and funny!

  2. I loved your video also. I liked how it interacted with you in the presentation. Thanks for opening up some new ideas for me for the future! :)

  3. I forgot to mention... Right after i saw the 3 of your Xtranormal presentations, I saw a Geico commercial using the Xtranormal. It's crazy how that happens. Probably a good way to do low-cost advertising though.

  4. Great presentation! Creativity was top notch. You have totally inspired me to use Xtranormal.

  5. Loved the video Matt. I too saw it on a Geico commercial right after.. I wish I would have seen that before I made my video haha

  6. The video was awesome and hilarious.. That was a pretty cool idea to use to make your video!

  7. I'm going to jump on the bandwagon...I agree your video was hilarious!! It was definitely the best video anyone did in the class. A+ for originality

  8. your vid was cool man. book also seems like one I should read, and im going to. Good presentation.

  9. I love viral marketing. I will definitely check out this book. Awesome presentation too. Thanks for letting me borrow the idea.