Thursday, November 4, 2010

What I Didn’t Learn From Google But With I Had!
By Jamie McIntyre
Reviewed by Lisa Peterson

This book is a great foundation for anyone who is interesting in learning more about starting their own internet business or generating online income. The book emphasizes that “Google is your friend” and using Google correctly to assist in the process of creating internet income can have a huge positive impact on a business. Anyone can create online income to displace current revenues or to add to them!

The book is broken into twelve chapters which allows for easy reading. The first chapters help to lay a solid foundation no matter what a person’s familiarity with the internet or Google is. Some of the information is very basic, but because the book is sectioned out well, one could skim through in order to gather the information they need. Some of the chapters include: The Rise and Success of Google, Internet Wealth Creators, Web 2.0 the Next Generation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Online Advertising, Blogs and Mash-ups, Tips from Successful Internet Entrepreneurs, and Google Traffic Tips. Each chapter is loaded with useful information and examples to help the reader see the theories being described and discussed.

One of the key lessons that McIntyre stresses in his book is to model other internet millionaires. There is no need to reinvent the wheel! Though everyone may be doing something slightly different, there is a formula that can help make it all work, and one does not need to start from scratch. He specifically mentions throughout the book being able to find a business mentor. While all of the work described in the book can be accomplished by a single person it is extremely useful to be able to have someone who has worked through problems, issues and successes before in order to move quickly, generate revenues, and create success.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in learning about online business. It gives foundational and useful information, provides interesting stories and backgrounds, and is kept simple and readable for anyone to access the information!

Here is a video to add fuel to your fire in reading this book:

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  1. After hearing your book review I am going to read this book, thanks!