Monday, September 13, 2010

Welcome to the 2010 book review blog

This blog features book reviews of titles selected by undergraduate e-commerce students from University of Colorado at Colorado Springs as part of a course requirement. Most of the activity will take place in October 2010, and will continue into November.
The criteria for selection include:
- relevance to the course,
- of great personal interest to the student,
- a book that the student has not previously read, and
- a copyright date of 2008 or later (earlier copyright requires instructor approval)
Beyond these few rules, the only other criterion is that only one student can select a particular book, so once one students selects a book, the 41 other students have to find another title--you snooze, you lose!
Each student serves as a contributor to the blog, so there will be 42 contributors. If you read this blog and are not a student in the class, feel free to make comments to the blog postings. If you are an author and see a review of your book, feel free to comment.
TG, the e-commerce prof.