Monday, November 8, 2010

Trust Agents by Chris Brogan

Utilizing the new and emerging tools of the internet are crucial to survival in this new age of marketing and customer relations. As such, Chris Brogan in his book Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation and Earn Trust describes how to go about building authority and trustworthiness on the web. Broken down into 6 basic principles/characteristics that comprise of a "trust agent" overall the book describes how to create social networks based around yourself and how to ultimately utilize these networks for personal advantage.

Overall this book was a fun, fast and easy way to read about the basic underlying principles of online reputation management and customer relations. It is a delicate art onto itself to be able to professionally carry one's self in the business world and this same concept is applied to presenting oneself on the internet. As the question of authority comes to all of those who try to self-promote themselves; being a stand out and genuine person is hardly an easy task to accomplish. Thus by self consciously monitoring one's use of language, engagement of others and self-promotion the power of maneuvering social network leverage can be of unparalleled power.

I recommend this book as a read for those who want to learn the very basics of how to conduct one's self online as well as how to maneuver and create social network leverage. Trust Agent's is a fun read by a great author.

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  1. This book seemed very interesting after I heard your presentation. I like the idea of going out and building an army! Reputation and customer management is a pretty cool idea to build your business around!

  2. Thanks Carl! Building an social network army sounds crazy but if it makes money then why not right?!

  3. I think I may actually get this book to read all the way through. Trust is such an important part of the customer relationship! Especially when business is being operated online it is challenging to prove oneself to the consumer and make them feel safe and know you are trust worthy. I think if a customer can be sucessful in this area it would really improve their customer satisfaction which would then leak all the way into their sales and profits. Great review, and good choice!