Wednesday, October 27, 2010

YouTube-Making Money by Video Sharing and Advertising Your Business for Free, by: Hui Ying

This book provides readers with background information on YouTube, such as when YouTube was founded and the many different uses of YouTube. It also gives readers insight on how to use all the different aspects of YouTube such as video sharing, blogging, and even basic how to’s like creating accounts, replying to videos, deleting/editing, etc. I found the section on the YouTube effect to be the most interesting, based on the phenomenon of video clips spreading throughout the world via video sharing websites. It really stresses just how much video sharing can have an impact on people, politics, and reveal truths or spread lies. Although the title leads you to believe the book focuses on how to make money by advertising your business for free through YouTube, only a few pages cover this idea; and the ideas are very limited. After reading the book I feel that it would be better suited for new users and people that just want basic knowledge of YouTube, rather than people looking to gain information on how to promote their business through YouTube. 
Check out the link to see a preview of my book review presentation on YouTube:

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  1. I am a huge fan of youtube. I can see how it can be a great way for advertising if done correctly. If business owners are creative enough they can start a viral video which will make their product widely known.