Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Future of Business

Social media is the future of business.  It's here to stay.  Why is that?  Because it's personal.  No longer will businesses be seen as faceless entities.  No longer will marketing boil down to an impersonal sales pitch.  Social media will change all of this, in my opinion.

As of now, social media is a rather new phenomenon.  The internet has created a portal for people to be connected to eachother, and businesses are now using these tools to reach customers on a level like never before.  Yet many businesses are stuck in the past.  Many have no idea where to start or why they should bother.  That's where social media experts like Tamar Weinberg (Community and Marketing manager of Mashable) enter.  If you know little to nothing about social media, and are ready to dive on in, start here.  There are literally dozens of various social media portals out there like Twitter, Facebook, Mashable, LinkedIn, Reddit, Delicious, etc.  Tamar Weinberg has managed to take all of these services and explain them in detail in this book.  And not only will you finally understand these novel tools, but you'll understand how to use them to do one thing: promote your business.

For more details, check out my youtube video.

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