Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Click: What Millions of People Are Online and Why It Matters By: Bill Tancer

Click shows how Americans search trends have an effect on all sorts of marketing for firms. The main subject of the book follows how internet users are using words to find information through search engines. Click was written to portray what Americans are searching for on the web and how do we find the information we seek. This book is very informational; the reader needs to have a little background of the web to fully understand everything in the book. The format of the book shows the process users go through to find desire information and seasonal trends of when information is collected.

Bill Tancer is the leading explorer into the knowledge of the process of internet users on the web. Tancer is the leader in online research of search engines so he sheds so very important light on the motives of users of search engines. Bill Tancer has an extensive background work with search engines. Currently Tancer is the general manager of global research at Hitwise. He conducts many conferences around the world commanding respect as one of the leaders in market research of search engines. He is able to seen trends around the world by analyzing search results before the trends make it big. Tancer is one of the foremost leaders in internet market research and is often quoted around the world for predicting trends based off of search engine results.

Anyone can really take interest in this book because it is amazing how search engines analysis can predict markets and new customers. Although there is a quality about the book that might turn it off to average readers. It is very informative and therefore if you do not have a background regarding search engine market research it might be hard to follow for some readers. It is very information oriented and takes a lot to continuously follow all the information Tancer is providing. So the primary audience of the book is for those interested in market research conducted through internet search engines. It will be very interesting for internet companies to read this book to find out if their customers are actually who they think they are. The primary value delivered from the book is that we never can actually know who is viewing your website but using Tancer’s approach companies can gain insight on the people viewing their website and maybe find more ways to market to their customer base.

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