Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Web 2.0 and Beyond

Web 2.0 and Beyond By Tom Funk is the book that I read for the book review project this semester. The book is a nontechnical guide written with a business manager or marketer in mind for the audience. It's intention is to inform the reader on the many trends and technologies that are changing the online world. Rather than being a how-to book, Tom Funk focuses on giving real life examples of companies such as Google and how they have used Web 2.0 to their advantage.

I think that the key piece of information that I took with me after reading this book is the idea that the customer is now given more power than ever before. Customers now have the ability to review companies products and services in an entirely new way. They can make reviews directly on the company website or create a blog dedicated to reviews. Reviews can make or break a company so companies must also use Web 2.0 to their advantage. This may include making a personalized online experience for each individual customer because a happy customer means a happy company.

I would recommend this book to the nontechnical reader that is looking to read about good examples of how companies have used Web 2.0 to satisfy their customer's wants and needs.


  1. Loved the Zxtranormal video. I like how you had 2 characters interacting. I felt like it is so interesting/funny and added a lot to the presentation. Glad I know about it now for later. :)