Thursday, October 28, 2010

Make More Money without Spending More......It's A Google Adwords Marketing Campaign

As I opened the book for the first time, it became apparent that all the chapters were aimed at achieving one goal, How to force prospects to your website when performing a Google search? This involves the right mentality. Instead of the old strategy of sales where you push a product onto a prospect, you need to realize prospects are searching the internet for their needs. At this point a new strategy is adopted to pull these prospects to your products. In order to do this, create attractive Google Ads that rank in the top three results for organic searches on Google. Ultimate Guide To Google Adwords explains how to master this, starting with the creation of keyword rich landing pages, to developing campaigns that rank high in Google’s organic search results, to tracking where your business is coming from to optimize your efforts.

The book is intended for individuals who want traffic directed to their site and want to learn how to accomplish it. It’s for the do it yourselfer who is willing to take the time to understand the process. I believe anyone can master this art with a little dedication and research. Every business and website can benefit from the traffic Google has to offer and anyone can learn the system.



  1. This sounds really interesting! I think if I wanted or needed to learn more about Google AdWords I would definitely read this book! Thanks for posting!

  2. Great presentation! I will definitely be picking up this book in the next few weeks! I find this topic very interesting, and you sold me on the book!

  3. Great topic Will! I appreciate you reading this and bringing more knowledge to help with our Google Ad Words Campaign! :)