Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Power Friending: Demystifying Social Media to Grow Your Business

The book, Power Friending, Demystifying Social Media to Grow your Business, when sitting on a shelf stands out among other books. The cover contains the author, Amber Mac, dressed in a business jacket with a ton of people standing behind her with computers. This right off the bat gets your attention and made me pick the book up. I had no idea what I was looking for when I arrived at Barnes and Noble, but as soon as I picked this book up and read the back cover with all the reviews, I knew it would be the book I was going to read.

Power Friending is about how to use social media to make your business successful in the online world. Amber Mac did an excellent job explaining in detail how to grow your business using social media. This subject is fairly new to most people. She did an outstanding job of explaining a very complicated topic is simple words. She covers every aspect of social media and how to use it. Amber goes into detail about how to use blogs, wikis, social networks, podcasts and more. She gives you the top five tools you need in the online world. These are a digital camera, a web camera, a USB headset, a Blackberry or an iPhone, and flip video phone.  She then gives you a step by step process to follow. She gives the rules you need, the strategy and execution as well as success stories and failures so you can learn from them. I recommend this book to everyone in the business world. Social media is becoming a huge part in marketing and is an excellent tool that everyone should utilize. Amber Mac did an excellent job of telling you exactly how to become successful.

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  1. Great blog. This book seems really helpful for any type of business (small or large). It would be interesting to read and apply to businesses. Thanks for the post and information!

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  3. Love Amber Mac! Enjoyed your presentation and the information from your blog....I'll have to read it myself!
    Great job Erika!